Meaning of Icecream in dreams

It is kind of funny, the opposite ways people interpret the appearance of ice cream in a dream.
There are those who claim that this dream portents utter failure and disaster.
They say that it presages misfortunes at work, separation of lovers, betrayal of partners, divorce for married ones, even serious sickness.
And on the opposite side are those who claim that, on the contrary, regardless of how we dream of ice cream, be it that we eat it, or purchase it, or manufacture it or buying it, the dream omens well for almost everything.
Big profits on business matters, great love in our very close future, happiness and bliss.
So I suppose that, on this one dream, one has to become his, or her very own diviner.

Relevant dreams

  • If you dream goat or goats, disasters and calamity awaits you.
    But if you dream you are milking the goat, that means you will have many profits from your work.

  • Symbol of wealth, abundant crops and profit.
    If you dreamed that a herd of white cows entered your house, you must anticipate a lot of wealth.