Meaning of Saint in dreams

Saints, like angels, can be instruments of consolation or destruction.
Their presence in dreams takes various, different meanings, depending on whether they are men or women, on their moods, or on how they look.
The presence of women saints predicts the coming of better days and joyful news.
But, when they are brooding, or just standing in front of us, looking inquiry, sometimes even touching us, then, maybe, the news will be unpleasant ones.
The presence of men saints on the other hand, has more to do with professional issues.
If the saint approaches you,then all will go well.
But if he speaks to you, then you must protect yourself from dangers lurking in front of you.
If you dream a holy relic,take care of your health.If the saint is calling your name,your health will be threatened by a grave illness.
Finally,if you see that you are kneeling in front of a saint's image, then you will overcome a great health or work problem.