What do dreams mean

What do dreams actually mean?

Dreams are a mystery baffling mankind since the dawn of time. Weird and mysterious, dreams has always been in the centre of human existence and according to scientist are essential for maintaining mental health.
Dreams often work as a pressure valve, releasing subconscious tendencies that humans have in a safe environment. The land of dreams!

ut still, what do dreams mean?
The fact that dreams are so compelling and rich in elements, often bizarre, has cause the popular belief that there has to be some meaning in them.
While many speculations and different interpretations exist in explaining one's dreams, there is no definite answer as to what is their purpose or a de facto explanation.
There are two camps in regard of dreams :
Those who believe that dreams hold omens, hints and glimpses of the future and those that dismiss all such theories and claim that they serve no purpose at all.

The meaning of dreams has been explored over time from shamans and dream tellers of the old time to great pshycologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.
Sigmund Freud on his book : "The Interpretation of Dreams" suggested that the meaning of dreams is manifestation of our wishes and desires, the fulfilment of all of the unconscious wishes.

The question has never been answered and might never be.
The fact remains that people will always be interested in interpreting their dreams regardless of the actual use and source of them.

Happy dreaming!