Meaning of Nightingale in dreams

The nightingale in dreams is almost always a harbinger of joy and happiness.
Whether it sings or not, whether it flies or not, whether you caress it or not, the nightingale presages the triumph of love, the successful marriage, the happy family.
Only the dead or slaughtered nightingale means sorrow and misery.
But, if you see a nightingale dead on the ground and you do not touch it, then you may well escape that sorrow and sadness.
The man or woman, who listens to its song, without seeing it, will feel happiness very quickly.
The person to bring this happiness will be probably a stranger.
A most pleasant visit you will have, if you dream of nightingales building their nest in your house.
If you catch a nightingale and it keeps on singing, you will marry soon.
But if you are already married the dream means that someone around you is in love with you.
Finally,if you dream it is winter and a nightingale is coming to you, your most beloved one is coming to you and you will enjoy happy days together.

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