Meaning of Cow in dreams

Symbol of wealth, abundant crops and profit.
If you dreamed that a herd of white cows entered your house, you must anticipate a lot of wealth.
But, if they destroyed things, after they have entered, that means you will not handle your business well, and, even if it could be extremely profitable, you will end up losing face and be in danger.
If the cows are black, then you must await infidelity or a serious enemy in your life.
If a black cow chases you, you will be ill, without though be in danger.
If you slaughter a cow, a great chance will pass you by.
Milking a cow presages great wealth, feeding a cow shows you that you must insist a lot in order to achieve your goals.
Finally, a dream of cows copulating,forewarns you of a great danger.

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Relevant dreams

  • If you dream goat or goats, disasters and calamity awaits you.
    But if you dream you are milking the goat, that means you will have many profits from your work.

  • It is kind of funny, the opposite ways people interpret the appearance of ice cream in a dream.
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