Meaning of Potter in dreams

Dreaming of a potter is always perceived as a good sign, as it heralds growth in all affairs of your life.
If the potter appears in the dream of a woman, than it foretells a pleasant love life or relationship in the near future.

Relevant dreams

  • The meaning of statues in dreams varies.
    If you see the statue of a beautiful woman in your dreams it predicts a long awaited success.
    If a statue of a man, short lived sorrow.

  • The deer you dream of, running in the forest, free and carefree, symbolizes your beloved, whose love for you gives him wings and hopes for a beautiful future.

  • You are young and you dream your lover is coming towards you, happy, smiling, radiating bliss.
    Your eyes are for him only.
    Your heart beats rapidly for him.

  • Many discussions have been made, concerning the dreams about love.
    A lot of interpreters insist that these are only the dreams where someone confesses his or her love to another person.