Meaning of Lovers in dreams

You are young and you dream your lover is coming towards you, happy, smiling, radiating bliss.
Your eyes are for him only.
Your heart beats rapidly for him.
He is your happiness and your joy.
Do not look further for the meaning of the dream.
The joy it gave you is enough.
Why cloud it with further interpretation.
If you see your lover coming towards you, but he is angry, ready for a fight, you should know that he will learn of something bad that you did or perhaps some things people will say about you, will create strife between you.
If your lover holds you tight in his arms, you will feel utter satisfaction in your love life.
But if you are married and you happen to see your lover near you, be watchful of those around you.
They are ready to criticize you bitterly.
Whether married or single, dreaming of eating or dancing with him, presages nothing particularly good in your relationship.
All these interpretations apply to the case where the dreamer is a man and he dreams of a female lover also.
Also have a look at the relative meaning of love in dreams.

Relevant dreams

  • Dreaming of a potter is always perceived as a good sign, as it heralds growth in all affairs of your life.

  • The deer you dream of, running in the forest, free and carefree, symbolizes your beloved, whose love for you gives him wings and hopes for a beautiful future.

  • Many discussions have been made, concerning the dreams about love.
    A lot of interpreters insist that these are only the dreams where someone confesses his or her love to another person.