Meaning of Peacock in dreams

You dreamed of a beautiful peacock.
Be very careful because you will soon find yourself entangled in a love affair with a very beautiful person.
This person will torture your soul, will tire you utterly, will make you very unhappy.
You will be extremely jealous of him or her,you will spend all your fortune, and your inner self will be deeply traumatized.
Caressing a peacock in your dream indicates your megalomania,egoism and arrogance.
Vices that will most certainly lead you to self destruction.
When you dream of a peacock spreading its tail, your vanity will lead you to conquer erotically a person, without giving any thought to the circumstances or the consequences and the upheavals you will create.
This will be a tempestuous affair which at the end it will bring only destruction for both of you.
If you see in your dream a flock of peacocks, then happiness and fulfilment await you.
If you breed them in your house,money,gifts and happy news await you.
Killing a peacock in your dream means that a sorrowful separation awaits you.
Finally if you hear the strange calling of the bird,you will soon receive sorrowful news.

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