Meaning of Honeysuckle in dream

Its flowers are so beautiful and frail and have such a pleasant smell!
If you dream of honeysuckle, climbing on the walls of your home, the dream signifies your nostalgia for the days when you were young and felt loved and cherished.
Some claim that it foretells good and auspicious luck.
Days of great joy are at store, when people dream of honeysuckle.
Maybe you will meet again with some person you loved once, or still do.
Maybe you will find out something pleasant about that person.
But, what is more probable is that something very good will happen to you.
The honeysuckle flower you wear at your boutonnière foretells a great happiness that will come to you and your family.
If some other person offers it to you, then this person is a loyal friend of yours.
Enjoying its fragrance shows that that very soon you will accomplish something you dearly wanted.
And if you happen to be abroad,this dream signifies your return home.

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