Meaning of Sword in dreams

The sword is a symbol of honour and bravery.
If you happened to dream of swords hanging on a wall, you may be certain that recognition and great power are on their way.
If you dreamt that you were holding a naked sword, you will acquire major glory.
If the sword is belted around you, then the glory and fame that you are about to receive are even greater.
Pointing your sword towards a woman, indicates that your strong passions get the better of you.
Finally, if you dream of a rusted or, even worse, a broken sword, then accidents and illness are imminent.
If someone attacks you with a sword and hurts you, then you are about to receive a great social insult.
Unless this person is a woman.
Then you are about to engage in a very passionate relationship.
You will love her with all your heart but she will not reciprocate, so you will be deeply wounded at the end.